Ensuring that your box arrives to you, sustainably, safely, and in great condition, is just as important as getting you the best deals on the internet. We take great care in the packaging materials we choose and how we package your orders. Please read below to learn more, and how you can give your packaging a second (or third) life!


Girl on Martie box, snacking. 

Martie Box

Your Martie box is made of 100% recycled materials! By choosing recycled cardboard, we’ve saved 188 trees and 9,000 gallons of water compared to using virgin cardboard boxes, which, sadly, most companies are still using.

Before you toss your Martie box into the recycling bin, try using it for something else! Perhaps it can be a cat toy, or can hold your cookbooks. Try to give the box at least one or two more lives before you recycle it. 

Paper Packing

We pack our boxes using paper materials, which can be reused, or recycled. We wrap all glass bottles in padded kraft paper keeping your valuable items safe, intact and secure. 

What to do with leftover paper goods? Oh gosh, so many uses - you tell us! Save it for packing other boxes you may be shipping, or using it to clean up spills. Plus, bunny rabbits love chewing on it - we've seen it.

Repurposed Materials

Don't be surprised if you see cardboard in your box from food company you didn't purchase! As we are constantly receiving new products, you can only imagine just how much cardboard goes through our doors. Instead of just recycling it, we use it to protect your order! Less waste, more deals. We live it and breathe it. 

We hope you enjoy your Martie box and can find many uses for the packaging! Just like the foods from Martie, everything deserves a second chance. Show us your box by tagging us on Instagram, @martiefoods.