When you receive your Martie box, full of tasty treats and pantry staples, don’t throw away your box and those packing materials inside! Just like the food from Martie, these deserve a second chance too! But what can you do with them?

Martie Box of Good Food

Martie Box

Your Martie box is made of 100% recycled content and can be recycled. But before you recycle it, try using it for something else! Perhaps it can be a cat toy, or can hold your cookbooks. Try to give the box one or two more lives before you recycle it! We always suggest checking with your local municipality for more information on how to recycle.

Biodegradable Shipping Peanuts

We use biodegradable shipping peanuts to ensure that your items arrive to you safe and fully intact. Shipping can be rough, after all. But don’t worry! These peanuts will dissolve under water and will biodegrade on their own. Before you put them under water in your kitchen, or leave them out during a rain storm, do you have any other uses? Try saving them to use in another box you might be shipping!

Kraft Paper Cushioning

So many uses for Kraft packing paper! Save it for packing other boxes you may be shipping, or using it to clean up spills. Plus, bunny rabbits love chewing on it - which is totally fine because our packing paper is totally safe, and recyclable.

Compostable Bags

You may find a compostable bag in your Martie box! If so, please reuse it for your curbside compost pickup! If you don’t have curbside compost pickup, the bag will breakdown on its own in a landfill, so go ahead and put it in your trash bin. But get one more life out of it!

Bubble Wrap

We are still looking for something better. Something not plastic. But as we continue our search for a better material, we need to make sure your pasta sauces and olive oil arrive to you intact! We are all ears if you have suggestions, and in the meantime, the joy of popping bubble wrap is not lost on your children. Let them get wild with it!

We hope you enjoy your Martie box and can find many uses for the packaging! Show us your box by tagging us on Instagram, @martiefoods.