How It Works

Martie delivery box

Martie rescues perfectly awesome food from perfectly awful landfills and delivers it right to your doorstep at a 40-70% savings.

The Issue of Food Waste

Nearly 40% of the food supply in the United States is wasted, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. This is a staggering 108 billion pounds of perfectly good food that can be saved and redistributed annually. People lose out, but the planet suffers, too. Wasted food means wasted land, water, labor, packaging and fuel, not to mention food dumped in landfills produces harmful greenhouse gas and CO2 emissions.

Surplus Explained

How does perfectly good food end up in landfill? Well, it usually has nothing to do with the quality or freshness of the food itself. At Martie, we focus on pantry staples, also known as shelf-stable food items, which have a few common reasons for getting thrown out:


Otherwise known as excess inventory: more than what’s possible to sell in a timely manner through traditional stores and a result of canceled orders, basically—an overly ambitious strategy gone awry.


Expiring Soon

When a product is short-coded, the “use by” date is “too soon,” but the foods themselves are ready and willing to serve their purpose, to feed you.

Expiring Soon!

Package Change

Rebranding, new certification and a change of information on the label are reasons brands pull perfectly good goods off the shelf. (Or in the case of our can of olive oil, packaging mistakes can happen, too!)

Packaging Ooops


Products that are meant to serve a specific holiday or season for a short time only fall into this category. Let’s face it — candy canes are really only fun for one month, but they’re delicious for twelve.

Are these prices possible?

Martie works with top brands and producers to shop their ever-changing supply of surplus pantry goods so you can get them at consistently discounted prices whenever you want (without a subscription or membership). We look for foods we think you’d like (in other words, we shop for ourselves), that are made with ingredients we trust and would serve to our own families. After that, we sell them to you online at 40-70% off retail, pack them up in a cute green and brown box and deliver them right to your door.