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WTHR13 NBC INDIANAPOLIS What's the Deal? How to lower your grocery bills, April 3, 2024

- Allison Gormly

CBS LOS ANGELES/KCAL Grocery app "Martie" helps consumers save money on food, January 24, 2024

 - Kristine Lazar, CBS



FOX 13 Tampa Bay Discount grocery app 'Martie' seeks to save customers money while preventing food waste, January 17, 2024

Deja-Denice Sherrod is a young professional who is looking to save where she can. She has found a way to cut back on the costs of non-perishable food items and other products by using an app called Martie. read more...
- Haley Hinds



Telemundo 48 Área de la Bahía Cómo comprar alimentos a bajo costo en el Área de la Bahía, 9 Enero, 2024

Aunque la inflación ha bajado un poco, muchas familias luchan por comprar alimentos. Arlen Fernández nos da recomendaciones.


Arizona's Family (3TV/CBS 5) How some shoppers saved $1,000+ this yearDecember 15, 2023

Susan Gough has been a Martie customer for more than a year. She says in 2023, she’ll have saved more than $1,000 on groceries and dog treats purchased from the company. “There’s always something new and different,” she said. “It’s just supplemental things. Snacks, there’s pastas sometimes, things like that that you can make a quick meal out of.” read more...

- Susan Campbell


NBC Bay Area SF-born app offers up to 70% off groceries. We price checked 'em, November 21, 2023

In Livermore, the Travia family is five strong: Jennifer and Nick, plus three kids: Daniel, Jonah, and Emma. Keeping those five bellies full can quickly empty the wallet. Especially these days. 

“Prices have definitely gone up,” Jennifer said. “Overall, the trend is up.” She’s right. Grocery prices have spiked -- with no sign food costs are going back down to where they were. So, Jennifer and Nick shop smart. “I always shop the sales,” Jennifer said.  

Recently, the Travias tried something new to find bargains: salvage food shopping. And Jennifer says she’s saving a lot. “At least half of what it would cost in the grocery store.” read more...

- Chris Chmura

NBC5 Dallas Fort Worth How to shop for surplus food, June 6, 2023 


In a newly opened warehouse space in Coppell, shelves are stocked with a revolving inventory of snacks like chips, almond butter and noodles. Pantry staples that Louis Fritjofsson, CEO and co-founder of Martie, said may have otherwise gone to waste...read more.

- Diana Zoga


FOX26 Houston Martie opens in Texas: Saving money with salvage, overstock grocery sellers, April 12, 2023

Overstock and salvage grocers sell foods that don't sell in major grocery stores but are still good, and an online overstock grocer just launched in Texas.
These grocers can save you hundreds of dollars a year and help save the planet...read more.
- Heather Sullivan


CONSUMER AFFAIRS An online grocery with a completely different twist has moved on the scene, March 8, 2023

As the latest Consumer Price Index report showed, grocery prices are still rising – up 11.3% vs. this time last year -- with no sign of stopping.
To make consumers feel like they’re not getting sold down the river, private label brands have offered lower prices and dollar stores have provided more food choices. Now, there's another new way to stretch the food budget...read more.
- Gary Guthrie


THINGTESTING I tried Martie's discount online grocery delivery, and the savings and sustainability made it a great deal, January 9, 2023

First impressions of Martie.com: I love the branding. I don’t usually find traditional discount stores to be meccas of visual branding, so their website was definitely refreshing. In perusing through Martie’s selection, I was impressed...read more.
- Kela Sowell


HNGRY.TV Martie Brings Discount Groceries Online With Better-For-You Brands, October 10, 2022

Martie is a new online grocery service that works with distributors and brands to procure pallets of packaged food that doesn't meet the strict standards of large grocery retailers or surplus items from production runs. This allows the startup to sell better-for-you brands at 40-70% off....read more.
- Matt Newburg



Companies are attacking food waste in different ways, from developing a better food supply chain to “skins” for produce to food sharing.

And today, Martie officially enters the market with its approach to stop from going into landfills food that is thrown away due to package changes, being a seasonal product or nearing their best buy date.

- Christine Hall

 For more information, please reach out to marketing@martie.com.

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