Why Choose Martie










Martie is an online marketplace that is dedicated to bringing nutritious, surplus food for the best price. We’re a women-powered, environmentally conscious, and budget friendly team that’s constantly on the lookout for new and exciting products.

Specializing in surplus shelf stable items, Martie is truly in a category of its own. We want to inspire our community to think outside of the box, just like us. We think that Margaret Mead said it best, “Always remember that you are absolutely unique. Just like everyone else.” 

Made from a group of innovators, Martie wanted to find a way to help the customer and the planet. We believe that you should be able to save big WHILE saving food. By giving a second chance to food from your favorite brands- we were able to do this. 

We are a no commitment seller. Unlike some of our competitors we dont require you to pay a subscription or membership. There are no hidden fees when choosing to join this do-good community.

Choosing to shop with Martie is not only convenient, but it helps fight the global issue of food waste. While choosing to buy ‘ugly produce’ is amazing, not a lot is being done about shelf stable items. Our online pantry allows you to take a step further to end food waste… one grocery list at a time!

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