Tackling Food Waste at Super Bowl LVIII

We are loving the attention being given to the issue of food waste at Super Bowl LVIII! While millions are watching San Francisco 49ers vs Kansas City Chiefs and snacking on chips, dips and buffalo wings while jammin' to 30 years of Usher hits, we couldn't help but notice the awesome attention towards food waste. 

If you missed the hits, we've got you covered!

Mayo Cat!

For the fourth year in a row, Hellmann’s ad during the Super Bowl puts food waste front and center! In addition to introducing the world to the talking “Mayo Cat” in this year's ad, featuring Kate McKinnon, the latest installment of the mayonnaise brand’s ongoing “Make Taste, Not Waste” campaign is declaring the day after the big game “Sick of Food Waste Day.” 

The Monday after the Big Game is known for being a major “sick” day, with 16+ million people estimated to call in “sick” from work this year. So, this Monday, Feb. 12, Hellmann’s is inviting everyone, including those not going to work, to get to work fighting food waste by closing their laptop and opening the fridge. Simply put, Hellmann’s is sick … of food waste.

Donna Kelce!

Travis Kelce may be a household name thanks to his impressive stats, but let's be real, because of his girlfriend (hello Swifties!) But did you know that his MOM, Donna Kelce, is working with Ziploc to help us preserve our leftovers and prevent food waste! Watch the video below! 


Food Waste at the Big Event

And what about all the food at the Super Bowl itself???

Food Recovery Network
Volunteers load surplus food to donate outside of the 2022 Super Bowl in Los Angeles, California.Courtesy Food Recovery Network


Food Recovery Network and volunteers, including local college students from the University of Nevada Las Vegas, will be at the Players Tailgate at the Big Game to recover and redistribute surplus food to those experiencing food insecurity around Las Vegas. This is the fourth time Food Recovery Network (FRN), one of the largest student-led movements against food waste and hunger in the U.S., is collecting surplus food from this tailgate—and its first year in partnership with Hellmann’s.

This year’s recovery event will again occur at the Bullseye Event Group Players Tailgate in Las Vegas —catered by Food Network Celebrity Chefs Bobby Flay and Aaron May. Last year in Glendale, AZ, Food Recovery Network diverted 2,907 pounds of perfectly good, delicious, salvageable food—the equivalent of 2,423 meals—from the Big Game Tailgate to those who need it. In total, FRN has recovered over 10,000 pounds of food over the past three years in partnership with Bullseye Event Group, the host of the Players Tailgate. This year, Food Recovery Network will donate the recovered food to the Just One Project, a non-profit organization dedicated to fighting food insecurity in southern Nevada.


Using big ticket events like the Super Bowl is a great way to bring awareness to major issues (like food waste!) but together we can fight food waste every day!

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