Surplus, you Say?


So how exactly does Martie work? What products get the opportunity to become a part of this fun and vibrant community- and ultimately make it all the way to your shelf? 

You see, companies change their branding all the time (more frequently than you would think)! This is awesome for the brand because who doesn't love new and exciting packaging. But what happens to all those delicious snacks that were already on the shelf and didn't get that fancy makeover? Those perfectly good items normally get thrown out. Martie rescues all of these gems and lists them conveniently on our website for you to check out on your own time. All the food you can find on Martie is 100% safe to eat and 100% better for your wallet!

Food is also rescued by Martie when it reaches its best by date. These food items are still perfectly good to eat and what’s even more awesome, is that YOU can get that item for a discounted price! Did you know that the USDA doesn't even mandate food to have an expiration date? All of the dates that you see on your food packaging are mainly just suggestions. In short, even though a package might read one way, it doesn't mean that the food inside isn't still perfectly tasty. 

Sometimes retailers simply choose to no longer carry certain products. Maybe not enough people are buying that item in that store's location, so it doesn't make sense to have a supply of it. No worries, because we’ve got your back! Martie works in collaboration with sellers to save otherwise thrown out items.

Whatever way a product ends up on our site, it always has the Martie guarantee. When choosing to shop with us, we will ALWAYS keep your health, time, wallet, and environment in mind. 

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