Staff Picks with Sara Achilli

Staff Picks with Sara Achilli

Welcome to Staff Picks, where we pick one Martie employee to highlight their favorite finds on the site. For October, Martie’s head of ops & product, Sara Achilli, zeroes in on extra tasty items to help her enjoy the month! 

Meet Sara, Martie’s head of product onboarding and ops! Sara works very closely with our buying team and the web team, getting the amazing deals up on the site, which means…she’s get her finger on the pulse of the best of the best items. Plus, Sara is an incredibly creative chef, pairing photography, fun and food for her friends and family. 

So, what can she not live without in her Martie box this month? Let’s take a look!

Unique - Extra Dark Splits Pretzels

Unique Extra Dark Splits Pretzels


These bold pretzels have a perfect salty crunch that’s crave-able on rainy fall days. 

Betty Crocker Chocolate Sprinkles

Betty Crocker Sprinkles

Halloween is just around the corner. Try making these little chocolate creatures! Take a chocolate covered nut (or fruit), dip it in chocolate frosting, and then dip it in these chocolate sprinkles to make creature feet. Make the eyes with a cake frosting pen. Boo! 



Sea Tales Albacore Tuna MSC in Olive Oil

Sea Tales Tuna

I’m a pescatarian and tuna is great to have on hand for a quick salad or a Mediterranean bowl.


Pasta Massi Fusilli Pasta


I’m Italian and I make pasta at least two times a week. Like everyone should.  


Dirtbag Bars

Dirtbag Bars

I’m a big fan of dates, coconuts and sunflower seeds. And a sucker for Barbie pink and the fun name.

Stop by soon to see what another team member loves!

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