Staff Picks With Kari Morris

Staff Picks With Kari Morris

Welcome to Staff Picks, where we pick one Martie employee to highlight their favorite finds on the site, every month. For February, Martie co-founder, Kari Morris, zeroes in on extra tasty items to help her enjoy the month with her friends and family. 


Meet Kari, one of Martie’s fearless leaders. She's a boss both behind a computer making deals and improving ops AND in the kitchen. Seriously, when she’s got an idea for dinner, best to leave her be and let her turn a dream into reality. Your tastebuds will thank you (and her, of course). 

So what is it that Kari is into saving this month at Martie? Easy. Foods that are delicious, beauty products that are natural, and things that her family will love.

Living Intentions Superfood Popcorn

Living Intentions Cheeze Please
Is cheesy popcorn the best snack ever? Yes! Especially when it comes from Living Intentions, the handcrafted small-batch MCT treat is also dairy free. Kari serves ‘em up as a delicious snack with lunch for her kiddos (they are 1 and 4) or keeps some at her desk for a little pick-me-up. Get ‘em before they are gone!

Hu Kitchen

Hu Kitchen at Martie
We were so excited when Hu Kitchen approached us about saving a selection of their chocolates, cookies and baking chocolates. These cookies quickly became Kari’s favorites because they are free of: refined sugar, cane sugar, sugar alcohols, dairy, stevia, soy lecithin or sunflower lecithin. In short, Hu Kitchen is obsessed with high quality food that tastes delicious. Kari and her kiddos eat these cookies as a healthy snack! 

Big Shoulders Coffee

Big Shoulders Coffee
If you haven’t tried this coffee from Big Shoulders Coffee, roasted exclusively for Martie, what are you waiting for? The backstory here is as wonderful as the coffee itself! As is the case with many items at Martie…these coffee beans were purchased for a restaurant, but the restaurant went out of business! Big Shoulders was left with a truckload of beans, just waiting to be roasted, without a plan in sight. In swoops Martie! We were able to save this truckload of beans from Guatemala by creating a delicious roast, and selling it to you for cheap! At Martie, good deeds equal great deals!


ApiTerra Wild Honey
This is a daily ritual for Kari, a spoonful of honey in her Big Shoulders coffee to set the day off right! This rich, velvety, sweet and pure raw honey from ApiTerra is in every one of Kari’s warm beverages! She loves the Golden Wildflower one, but there are a whole bunch of different types of natural flavored honeys from ApiTerra on the site. Go ahead, buy a few.

Pure Anatolia

Pure Anatolia  Organic Sun-Dried Mulberry
“Don’t be scared of mulberries”, says Kari. They may have a bit of an intense flavor, but that just makes them even better. Use them as salad toppers, in granola for the kids (and adults) and even in a cocktail. Just try ‘em - you won’t believe what you are missing. Unless you already love mulberries, in which case, just click here.


Attitude  Soothing White Tea Leaves Body Wash
Did you know orange leaves are known to restore skin’s luminous glow? Featuring an aroma that reminds us of orange and cardamom, ATTITUDE’s Super leaves™ Energizing Shower Gel is enriched with orange leaf extract known to refresh and restore the skin. EWG Verified™, hypoallergenic and dermatologically-tested, our shower gel includes moringa seed extract, known for its antipollution properties. Put the power of nature to work to give you a healthy and glowing skin! These shower gel is a staple in Kari’s bathroom!  

Stop by next month to see what another team member loves!

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