Staff Picks With Christina Glentis

Staff Picks with Christina Glentis

Welcome to Staff Picks, where we pick one Martie employee to highlight their favorite finds on the site. For September, Martie buyer, Christina Glentis, zeroes in on extra tasty items to help her enjoy the month!

Meet Christina, Martie's hungry buyer, always on the prowl for the best deals for our Smartie shoppers! Christina is a recent transplant to the US from Australia, where she started a business with her husband called Foddies, a low FODMAP and Gluten Free meal company. She is quite the foodie!

So, what can she not live without in her Martie box this month? Let’s take a look!

Split Nutrition

Split Nutrition Peanut Butter & Strawberry Spread (5 pack)

Christina is always on the move! She’s flying around to shows to meet with vendors, find the best deals and save a ton of food. What fuels her? Peanut Butter & Jelly! She keeps these Split Nutrition PB&J to-go packs in her bag with her - at all times. Never know when the hunger strike will hit - so she’s always prepared. Her fave flavor is the Peanut Butter & Strawberry Spread, but she’s not picky. She’ll take any of the Split Nutrition combos.


D'vash Organics Premium Khalas Dates

Queue the date jokes…there’s nothing like a great date! Especially when they are sweet, delicious and natural. Christina loves keeping these around for a sweet treat on the go. And thanks to the resealable bag, she has no worries that anything is going to get in or out! She also loves cutting them up (removing the pits of course) and using them in her daily lunch salad. Yum!

Patisserie Beauty Nouget Bath Slab

Patisserie Beauty Nougat Bath Slab

Boujee shower at home??! Yes please! After a long day, or to kick off the weekend, Christina loves to have a luxurious bath, and this bath slab is her perfect pick. But, how do you actually use this thing that looks like a chocolate bar? Christina takes a few chunks, and plops them in the warm water. Just let it fizz away (doesn’t take long!) and bathtime begins! We are all loving everything from Patisserie Beauty, and this bath slab smells and feels fantastic.


Biena Magic Monster Super Crunch Mix

If you’ve made it this far, you’ve probably realized that Christina is a bit of a snacker - which of course we LOVE. Who doesn’t love a good snack?! And here’s another one to add to her list for the month. This protein-packed trail mix is made from crispy salted chickpeas, dried cranberries, almonds, and dark chocolate gems, keeping Christina full (and happy) throughout the day. In her words, “when the munchies hit, I reach for these. A little sweet, a little salty and very addictive.” Noted….so go buy two :) 


Blue Stripes Chili Lime Cacao Water

After all these snack attacks, she needs something refreshing! When it’s time to quench her thirst, Christina reaches for this Blue Stripes Chili Lime Cacoa Water. It’s antioxidant plant-based water made from cacao fruit, a natural superfood with big benefits! Plus, the chili lime gives it a little kick. Refreshing and fun to drink! Pour it over some ice, add a slice of lime and it’s a party! 

Stop by soon to see what another team member loves!


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