Seven Healthy Breakfast Tips

Healthy Breakfast Tips from Martie

Did you know that the mantra, ‘breakfast is the most important meal of the day was actually a marketing ploy to get you to buy more cereal? That being said, a healthy breakfast can ACTUALLY do a lot of good to your body. Many scientific researchers have linked eating a morning meal to better health, including improving your energy levels, boosting mood, better memory, and lower levels of ‘bad’ LDL cholesterol. Not just that, a substantial breakfast can help you stay healthy and with proper digestion!  

How so? Because healthy breakfast habits can help you with healthy eating habits, which will help you overcome stubborn belly bloats. 

So if you are always feeling bloated or looking for ways to start your day with a positive mind, we have seven important healthy breakfast tips for you. Read on.

Eat More

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Yes! You heard it. Eat more, but also do not overeat. If you are into intermediate fasting or following a specific diet plan, fill your first meal of the day with an adequate amount of fruits and cooked vegetables. Many studies have revealed how eating a complete breakfast meal can boost your mental strength and help you face the challenges of the day. Results showed that a poor diet or skipping breakfast leads to having foul moods or getting agitated quickly. We’ve probably all experienced this before, ooops!

Include a well-rounded meal

When you are putting together a breakfast that actually makes you feel full, remember to consider these three aspects:

  • Aim for a well-rounded breakfast that includes carbohydrates, healthy fats, and proteins.
  • Make fruits and vegetables your best friend, as they will help you get all the essential vitamins your body craves for.
  • If required, turn to healthy complex carbs to get you started. They not only keep you full for longer hours, but they are also an excellent source of carbohydrates that are essential for your metabolism. A few easy complex carbs include whole-grain products like oatmeals, quinoa, and barley, or processed whole-grain products such as bread or tortillas, cereals, or pasta. You can also add legumes like lentils, kidney beans, and green peas into your diet.  

Quick Note: Here’s a secret about complex carbs. They are not always bad for your diet. They just need extra time and energy to break down and digest. Plan your meal timings where you include complex carbs!

Look for Fiber

One small habit we would recommend including is fibers, and the best way to add fibers to your diet is through breakfast. This is because fibers play an important role in weight management and rev up your metabolism. 

According to the USDA recommendations, an adult should get at least 25 (for women) to 38 (for men) grams of fiber a day. Incorporate at least one food option which is high in fibers - we are talking about fibrous fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, and whole grains. And they are also good for your digestion - so no more waking up in the morning feeling bloated. 

Variety is the Key

Including variety in breakfast is essential. Martie Tips | Image Source: Minimalist Baker

“I had cereal yesterday. I don’t want to have it again today.” Well, that’s common if you have the same food for breakfast every day. We suggest adding more variants to your diet or replacing parts of your morning meals with other food options. This is because there isn’t any food that has all the required nutrients in the optimal amount. Adding varieties will help us get all the nutrients and will also encourage you to not skip breakfast. 

Save Fun Breakfast Meals for the Weekend

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What if you’re planning to bake a batch of chocolate muffins or looking forward to enjoying waffles with your favorite sauce? Well, we would say, save up all your fun and innovative breakfast options for the weekend to enjoy. 

Enjoy a slower weekend morning with waffles, crepes, and bacon while incorporating a nutrient-dense breakfast during the week. 

So, if you have been eying for one of our easy-peasy breakfast options, take some time this weekend and try out. 

Find simple swaps

Breakfast is a great place to start if you plan to add more nutrients to your diet. But don’t rush to change your diet plans overnight. Your body might not welcome this sudden change and can react in a bad way. Instead, make slow and simple swaps in your diet that can change your breakfast habits. Like swap that high sugar granola in your yogurt with nuts and seeds. Or ditch that yummy looking croissant with an apple. 

Never, Never Skip your Breakfast

Healthy breakfast tips found on Martie

If you are looking to make healthy habits part of your diet never, never skip breakfast. Starting your day with breakfast will help boost your energy and alertness, and lower the risk of both obesity and type 2 diabetes.

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