Our Partnership with North Texas Food Bank

This Giving Tuesday, we are proud to share more about our partnership with the North Texas Food Bank

North Texas Food Bank Volunteers

The North Texas Food Bank is a certified member of and the eighth largest organization in the Feeding America Food Bank Network. Feeding America, the nation’s largest domestic hunger-relief organization, solicits food and grocery products from national suppliers, distributes them through more than 200 food banks and provides food banks with operational support. It also educates the public and government officials about the ongoing problem of hunger.

North Texas Food Bank

At Martie, we're on a mission to fight food waste and make good food accessible to more people, by solving how we distribute food. Our partnership with NTFB allows for us to have even more of an impact, first by working with one of their feeding partners, Covenant Purpose and Restoration Family Center - who works tirelessly to stomp out hunger and tackle food insecurity.

“We are so grateful for the support of companies like Martie that recognize the growing issue of hunger and look for ways to contribute to organizations addressing this complex problem. Their generosity helps advance our mission of bridging the hunger gap in North Texas by providing nutritious food to one of our feeding partners, Covenant Purpose, during this critical time and beyond. We are so excited to see the positive impact this partnership with Martie will have in our North Texas community,” Roderick Ruth, NTFB’s Manager, Food Donations.

Learn more about the North Texas Food Bank by watching the video below.

Donate to North Texas Food bank, here. Or find your local chapter of Feeding America food banks, here


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