Martie now shipping nationwide!

We are so absolutely beyond thrilled and ecstatic and happy and all the adjectives to announce that as of today, October 4, Martie is officially shipping deals nationwide! This has been a big year for us - and we are so excited to add cities like New York, Philadelphia, Boston, Baltimore, Washington DC, Raleigh and the millions of residents that live in the North East and Mid-Atlantic to our shipping territory! 

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Check out what Louise + Kari have to say below, and for the *full* story, keep on scrolling. 


Martie Launches Nationwide, Bringing Discounted Surplus Groceries to Americans Across the U.S.

Building ‘the IKEA of food,’ the online grocer has already saved shoppers more than $3.2 million by selling items at up to 70% off

October 4, 2023 – Martie, the online grocery store that sells heavily discounted surplus groceries to save shoppers up to 70%, today launches nationwide. Martie’s new availability across the U.S. comes at a critical time for the millions of Americans who are looking to save money on food as grocery prices continue to rise and inflation remains high. Shipping a wide range of shelf-stable items from national and specialty brands directly to shoppers’ doorsteps, Martie is putting a modern spin on the growing trend of salvage groceries–prioritizing affordability & quality with the convenience of online ordering.

Martie shoppers save on average $54 per order or $600 per year, and in total we've saved shoppers more than $3.2 million on shelf-stable pantry goods, cooking essentials and household items.

In addition to providing significant cost savings on groceries, Martie is making a serious impact on the nation’s food waste problem. Nearly 40% of all food in America is wasted, despite being perfectly fine to consume, and 39 million Americans are food insecure. Martie is solving this problem by working with top brands and producers to shop their ever-changing supply of surplus goods–items that would otherwise be thrown out due to overstock, package changing, nearing best by dates, or seasonality–and in turn sells them online directly to consumers at up to 70% off retail. In doing so, Martie has saved more than 2M pounds of food from going to the landfill, instead diverting it to customers across all walks of life. 

Martie CEO and Co-Founder Louise Fritjofsson said: “We are thrilled that every person in this country will have access to surplus items at a discounted rate, including specialty and premium items. Martie promises significant savings and to always stock our online with the essentials you know and need. By selling surplus items that would otherwise go to waste, we are enabling customers to be environmental heroes simply by shopping discounted groceries! That we make shopping a fun experience akin to a treasure hunt is a pretty amazing bonus.”

Martie has partnered with and sold more than 2,500 brands and is now a preferred partner to national brands such as Kellogg’s, Quaker, Tate’s and Annie’s Homegrown on their surplus and overstock inventory. Shoppers can select from Martie’s 800+ SKUs for sale at–including specialty and premium items from brands like Brightland, Mrs. Meyer’s, and Bob’s Red Mill–and get everything shipped directly to their door, no subscription needed. The company offers a range of shelf-stable household, health & beauty, and pet products along with a range of food items including pastas and pasta sauces, rice and beans, coffees and teas, cooking oils, and snacks, along with a well stocked selection of organic, gluten-free, vegan and even keto options. 

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