Let's stop food waste, yeah?

April 27 is National Stop Food Waste Day! We are so proud to share that we've saved over 204,930 lbs of perfectly good food from going to waste. By our math, that's equivalent to 8 school buses! 

 Martie Impact

Wasted food is a major global environmental, social, and economic challenge. According to scientific research, approximately one-third of the food produced in the US is never eaten. 😬

When food is deposited in a landfill and decomposes, the byproducts of that decomposition process are methane and carbon dioxide. Methane is a potent greenhouse gas that traps heat and contributes to climate change.

What's the #1 item in US Landfills? FOOD!

According to an estimation from the EPA in 2018, in the US, more food was sent to landfills than any other single material in our everyday trash, constituting 22 percent of municipal solid waste.

At Martie, we're on a mission to fight food waste and make good food accessible to more people, all by solving how we distribute food. After all, there's more than enough to go around. It's the going around part we are here to fix.

And since opening our virtual doors in November, we've saved over 204,930 lbs of food from going to waste–together with our amazing shoppers and our brand partners. So today, we thank you! Let's continue to give good food a second chance.

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Citation: The US Environmental Protection Agency