Our 1st Birthday is here!


Well that was fast! Hard to believe that when we opened our virtual doors on November 2, 2021, making an impact was still just words on a paper. Over the past year, we've set out on our mission of making good food more accessible, and rescuing good food from going to waste. 


It's a Martie Party!


Let's see how we did! 

We saved good food. 


Amount of Food Saved

Yay! But, what does that really mean? By giving a second chance to 663,517 lbs of food in our first year, we've prevented 1,658,762 lbs of CO2 from entering the atmosphere. Putting that into perspective, that's like charging 91,525,800 cell phone batteries. Or 1,867,650 miles driven by an average gasoline-powered car. 

You saved money!

 Martie savings

Saving money on groceries isn't just a novelty. With grocery prices up 13% from last year at this time, we understand how important it is to get a good deal. Which is why our buyers are relentless about getting our shoppers amazing deals, on great food. We've saved Smartie shoppers $1,410,903.68! Beaming with pride over here.


Smartie Shoppers


Thousands of Smartie shoppers decided to "try Martie first" for their pantry staples, and saved big.

We are just getting started! In our second year, we can't wait for more savings from more brands you love. In the meantime, we want your help! When you give your friends $20 to shop at Martie, you get $20 to shop at Martie! Start by clicking here.


Like what you read? Head to our Circular Blog to learn more about our work, mission, and stories that make us unique. What to contribute towards saving good food and saving up to 70% on your groceries? Shop from our store here