Gifts they'll love that save the planet and your wallet!

Welcome to Martie's Gift Guide! Find the perfect gift for the food lover in your life at 40-80% off. Plus, this year, you can stock something extra wonderful in their stocking, the gift of saving the planet! Check out a few of our favorite items, for a few of your favorite people.

For the Meat Enthusiast

Hold the chips and dip, this person will take the meat sticks. Beef, venison, turkey - they don’t have a favorite. As long as it’s spicy, kinda-hard-to-bite and always looks like dog food - they’ll take it!


Vermont Smoke

BBQ Mini Beef Sticks | 3 oz




For the Health Junky Yoga Warrior

This friend was wearing yoga pants on the daily, before 2020. Healthy options are the only option for this person, so treat them with the conscious items they’ll love. Here’s a big deal on the power root, turmeric. And savings you won’t find anywhere else.



Turmeric Elixir | 2.12 oz


For the Mixologist

How to please the person who relies on instinct more than a measuring device...get them something they’ve probably never tried before! This carob syrup may stump them (which means a win for you) and if you are lucky enough, you might be the guinea pig! For extra points, bring some gin too.


Australian Carob Co

Organic Pure Carob Syrup | 8.45 oz


For the Fish Fan

Exquisite tastes for this friend, or possibly someone preparing for the zombie apocalypse...either way a fancy can of fish will do the trick! Besides, you’ll get to talk about fun fish facts. Like, did you know that most fish don’t have eyelids?



Tuna Ventresca In Olive Oil | 4.05 oz


For the Sweet Tooth

We’ve all got one, some just have more than one. For this sugar-loving friend, we’ve got multiple delicious chocolate options, at a variety of prices, from GREAT brands. Maybe pick one up for yourself too. We won’t tell.

Alter Eco

Dark Chocolate Almond Butter Bomb | 3.8 oz



For everyone else, check out the Martie Gift Guide, here. And remember, all purchases from Martie keep perfectly good food out of a perfectly awful landfill.


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