Five Sustainable Health & Beauty Items You Need!

We all need to start from somewhere. Right?

It is that miracle material that makes wonderful things like modern medicines, cosmetic products, and cars possible. It is also everyone’s tragedy that has corrupted the environment. Yes! We are talking about plastic that we all have been using and discarding as waste in landfills, oceans, and the atmosphere. And we generate so much of it, it’s hard to even contemplate. According to new research by Greenpeace, in 2021, only 5% of the mountain of plastic waste generated by American households was recycled. And we are talking about 51m tons of chocolate wrappers, bottles, and bags, which is approximately 309 lb of plastic per person. And the cause is not just limited to consumerism or laziness - the situation would still be bad even if we mindfully separate our plastic trash. We just need to reduce our plastic usage NOW!

sustainable products on Martie

After every shopping spree, has it ever hit your conscience with the nightmare of at least one polar bear lying sadly on a dirty island instead of enjoying the ice and snow? Several successful researches will tell you that the largest contributors to drastic climate changes are the big corporations dumping the ocean and land with poisonous plastic waste. But even a minor change can make a tremendous difference. For instance, switching plastic straws with a paper one or opting for sustainable personal and home care products. 

No doubt swapping to sustainable and eco-friendly products might start slow, especially in terms of our everyday single-use items. But this swapping can help prevent harmful chemicals from leaching in the ocean. 

Small steps like using bamboo produced toilet papers instead of store-bought ones or switching body wash with handmade soaps can help prevent plastic waste. You can also make your monthly periodic cycle more sustainable by using cups or plant-based tampons. At Martie, we believe in eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyles. But don’t go by our words, we are here to give you a real and unbiased take on some of our top sustainable skin and personal care products, to bring you what’s best for you.

Find our top five Sustainable Personal Care product recommendations here.

Sustainable Personal Care Products that Soothes your Conscience

Plastic Free Deodorant by Smartypits


Your kit of eco-friendly personal care products should include deodorants that are kind to your skin and the environment. Smartypits takes pride in its products being #goaluminumfree and one such is its line of deodorants. They go entirely plastic free and eco-friendly in all their products. 

Psst... if you haven’t tried their Ginger Lime Super-Strength Deodorant yet, this is a sign to grab them here

Sea Salt Body Scrub by Desert Essence

Desert Essence on Martie

Desert Essence on Martie


While you are exploring eco-friendly deodorants, look at this Detoxifying Sea Salt Body scrub that soothes your senses and helps you relax after a tiring day at work. What brings Desert Essence to this list is their commitment towards sourcing their ingredients sustainably to protect the environment. 

If you are someone who loves to have a long luxurious bath but also worries about the plastic waste that a store-bought scrub can cause, this Sea Salt body scrub is just for you! 

Plant-Based Organic Tampon by Top

Organic tampons available on Martie
Plant-based organic tampons by TOP

Plant-based tampons allow you to have a sustainable period without worries about comfort or hygiene. Top’s organic tampons are made of 100% Certified Organic Cotton. Behind this brand is a mother-daughter duo who are dedicated to bringing awareness to the overwhelming benefits of organic period products. 

Organic cotton doesn’t allow pesticides, which may be harmful to the environment. Researches have routinely shown that pesticides are harmful to fish, insects, and birds and can contaminate drinking water and soil. By switching to organic tampons, you are not only helping yourself but also contributing to the planet’s good health.

Plant-based Face Wash by Alba Botanica



A face wash so smooth that your skin will worship it. Creamy, rich and abundant in Mother Nature’s nourishment, the face wash is very gentle on the skin and removes the traces of the day with ease.

One thing that we can vouch for is that Alba Botanica products are 100% vegetarian and contain botanical ingredients that are beneficial for all skin types. 

Dietary Supplements by Smartpants

While we all try to get a healthy, well-balanced diet, yet we miss out on certain nutrients essential for our body. Smartpants thoughtfully selected all in one gummy that works as a complete health care supplement with necessary nutrients. Vegetarian and GMO free, their Adult Mineral Complete is something you can try out. These nutrients are so good that you would want to chew them all the time.

Switching to organic and sustainable personal care products will do good, not just to you but to the environment too. And, you’ll save money too! Have you tried purchasing your favorite personal care products on Martie yet? Try it now by clicking here.

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