Beyond the Label with Todd Goldstein, founder of Whoa Dough

Join us as we go beyond the label with brands that we love at Martie. Today, we chat with Todd Goldstein, founder of Whoa Dough–the first health-conscious plant based, gluten free cookie dough snack bar. Grab your Whoa Dough bars from Martie, here, and read on!

Whoa Dough at Martie

We’ve heard so much about Whoa Dough, and have been seeing you in grocery stores across the country, so we are excited to chat with you! 

Martie: What’s the mission behind Whoa Dough? 

Todd: Whoa Dough was created out of my family’s need for a tasty but healthier gluten-free snack. My young sons and I are both gluten intolerant, and we needed a snack that tasted great and we could all enjoy. After multiple tries to make the tastiest bar possible, Whoa Dough has become the healthier option for many with dietary restrictions.

Todd Goldstein and Family

Martie: Can we peep behind the curtains and understand the story behind the brand? Why did you start Whoa Dough?

Todd: After being diagnosed with a gluten intolerance and having two sons born with the same, I couldn’t accept that their cookie dough days would be over before they began. I wanted to create a natural cookie dough bar that could satisfy my family’s sweet tooth without wreaking havoc on their bellies. After 2 years and dozens of recipes, Whoa Dough was born.

Martie: What is your most favorite Whoa Dough bar?

Todd: My favorite is definitely our new Oatmeal Cookie Dough! The cinnamon and nutmeg in it are like a warm, nostalgic hug. It’s my perfect dessert-for-breakfast bar!

Whoa Dough Oatmeal Bar

Martie: What has been your biggest “a-ha” moment when building Whoa Dough

Todd: After breaking into the K-12 space, I realized kids love the taste of our bars and they meet the nutritional requirements schools want for their menus. And after getting onto American Airlines offerings, it just proves that everyone loves cookie dough, but now they can eat it guilt-free.

Whoa Dough

Martie: What’s in the pipeline next for Whoa Dough?

Todd: We’re looking to expand our oatmeal flavors with different variations. We’re also developing a ready-to-eat and bakeable cookie dough product as well as a mini-version.

Martie: How did Whoa Dough end up on Martie?

Todd: We recently started updating the packaging to reflect the updated GFCO certification logo, so we found ourselves with a lot of excess product that would be pulled from shelves. Instead of just letting all the cookie dough go to waste, Martie came to the rescue to make sure we’re able to save both our dollars and the environment.

Whoa Dough

Martie: Why is working with Martie important to Whoa Dough?

Todd: Whoa Dough is, of course, health-conscious. We also want to make sure we are doing our part to reduce food waste. Luckily, Martie is around to help us out with that. Our cookie dough bars are shelf-stable for 12 months, so it would be so wasteful to throw out product just because we are updating packaging. By working with Martie, we can continue innovation and product development without worrying about the consequences.

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