Beyond the Label with The Odd Food, for dogs!

Join us as we go beyond the label with food brands that we love at Martie. Today, we change things up a bit, and focus on the fuzzy friends in our lives. Meet The Odd Food - dog treats reimagined. The Odd Food makes sustainably sourced, human grade, all natural dog treats. The magic here is that Odd Food has taken seasonal human grade excess produce from local farms (or what they like to call “odd veggies”), and combined them with high fiber superfood to create The Original Ödd Cookie. They created a dog treat that's good for your pup, and the planet.

Grab your dog treats from The Odd Food at Martie, here, and read the story! Woof. 

Odd Food

What is the motivation behind Odd Food?

During the pandemic, we started cooking only organic veggies and meat for ourselves and for our puppy. However, we noticed that he would continuously have an upset stomach due to the treats we would buy at the supermarket and pet stores. After researching and seeing that most dog treats options available were full of chemicals, preservatives or simply just flour, we decided to create our own. We hired two chefs out of Brooklyn to help us develop and perfect the recipe, and taste tested it extensively with hundreds of dogs in NY until we were very happy with the product. 

 Dogs love Odd Food!

What dogs love Odd Food Dog Cookies?

All kinds of dogs love Odd! From puppies to older dogs, and from big to tiny ones (although you will likely have to break the cookie for the latter ;)) Even the pickiest of dogs who have a really hard time eating love our cookies. We cannot recall a time a dog has not enjoyed our treats. 


Why do dogs love Odd Food Dog Cookies? 

We pride ourselves in producing only the finest quality products within the dog treat category. Our cookies are made with 13 carefully selected organic ingredients, including rolled oats, apple, sweet potato, kale, maple syrup and psyllium husk. They are the perfect combination of nutritious and delicious.


How does sustainability fit into your business model?

At Odd, one of our main focuses is ingredient sourcing and sustainability. Different than other brands, we only source ingredients from the U.S. We spent months developing relationships with select organic farms mostly in the NE that engage in sustainable and/ or regenerative practices.

What do expiration dates mean to Odd Food? Are Odd Food cookies still good after their “best by” date?

We advise dogs to eat the cookies before the expiration date. Since we only use natural preservatives (rosemary extract), our product is fresher than most options out there. The best way to preserve the cookies after opening is keeping them in the fridge, especially during summer months. 

What’s in the pipeline next for Odd Food?

We are working on a couple of new fun products to complement our Odd Cookies (what pairs well with cookies? ;)) All of our product launches will ensure the finest quality, human grade ingredients.

Odd Food 

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