Beyond the Label with Sprout Organics

Join us as we go beyond the label with brands we love at Martie. Today, we chat with the team behind Sprout Organicsthe brand known for delicious organic baby food & toddler meals, that make mealtime fun and convenient! Before we dive in, shop the full selection of Sprout Organics at Martie, and save! Keep reading to learn all about the brand!


Sprout Organics at Martie


We’ve been hearing about Sprout Organics everywhere, so we are thrilled to chat with you and learn more!

Martie: What’s the mission behind Sprout Organics?  

SO: Our not-so-secret plan is to be your favoritest baby food company in the universe! Our goal is to make it easy to give your little sprout a healthy head start. And how do we do that? It starts with one simple thing: Nutrition! 

We prioritize organic ingredients, dialing down sneaky sugars, and keeping sodium at bay, all while cooking up flavors that kids like to eat. 

Martie: How did the idea come to life for Sprout Organics?  

SO: Sprout Organic Foods began in 2008 by a small group of like-minded friends who wished to develop organic baby food products that tasted like no others on the market. From the beginning, we knew that families were more “on the go" than ever before... and the baby food space needed a solution for that. So, Sprout launched the very first baby food in a pouch to provide on-the-go convenience to parents. Seriously, that was us! 

Sprout expanded its offering to toddler meals in 2012 and, by popular demand, introduced toddler snacks a year later as well as nutritious smoothies and snacks for sprouts of all ages.  

Sprout Organics at Martie

Martie: What’s your favorite Sprout Organics product?  

SO: Right now, the kiddos AND adults of Sprout Organics cannot stop snacking on our Strawberry PB&Yayz. The beloved classic peanut butter and jelly treat has been reimagined for on-the-go convenience with absolutely no added sugars. Plus, it’s gluten-free and crust-free! 

When it comes to pouches, our smoothies are a hit. Fruity, creamy goodness that is even more refreshing when they’ve been in the fridge for a while. We’ve been throwing them in lunchboxes, in go-bags, and keeping them on hand for playdates. You really can’t go wrong.

Martie: What do parents need to know about feeding their kiddos Sprout Organics? 

SO: Every child is different, in no way do we think these are the “right” ways to get your kiddo to try new flavors... but we do have a few tips that may help get your wheels turning and expand your little one’s palate.  

  1. Regularly introduce new flavors. They may push it away the first couple of times, but repetition is key. They will become curious and start to become more familiar with the taste. 
  2. Don’t make it a big deal. This goes together with #1. This also means not forcing it to happen, you can always try again later! 
  3. Enjoy new foods together. Our little sprouts look to us to help navigate the world, when they see us enjoying something, they’ll think it’s safe to do so, too. A simple “yum!” as you take a bite can go a long way. 
  4. Have them help prepare the food. Having your little one help prepare the food can go a long way, even if they are just helping put it on the plate. There’s a sense of gratification in helping and may make them more open to tasting what they worked on! 
  5. Turn the unfamiliar into the familiar. Kids like what they like! What are some of their favorite foods? Try mixing a new veggie into things that they already like to get them used to the flavor. 
Sprout Organics at Martie


Martie: How did Sprout Organics get so well known? 

SO: When it comes to Sprout Organics’ success, we have our loyal caregivers to thank! From parents and grandparents to daycare providers, we’ve found that our best advocates are those who have grown to love us. And we love them! 

Martie: Why is working with Martie important to Sprout Organics? 

SO: Working with Martie helps us extend our mission of giving little sprouts a healthy head start. Martie is the perfect partnership for us to continue to reach new families and make organic baby and toddler foods that much more accessible and affordable, all while preventing more food from hitting the landfill. 

Martie: Thanks for the chat! Let's eat!

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