Beyond the Label with Sonoma Gourmet

Join us as we go beyond the label with food brands that we love at Martie. Today, we chat with the team at Sonoma Gourmet, the gourmet pasta sauce & cold-pressed specialty olive oil company. Based in our home state of California, the team behind Sonoma Gourmet is always changing things up, and is obsessed with flavor innovation. In the best possible way, trust us, your tastebuds will agree.

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What is the motivation behind Sonoma Gourmet?

Creating great food that brings friends and family together is the biggest motivation. Founded in 1990 by two chefs who were inspired by Wine Country’s reputation for fine food and drink, Sonoma Gourmet uses the best, freshest, and if available, locally grown ingredients. And because all our products are made in small batches, they taste like sauces that would normally take the home chef hours to prepare. We strive to mix our ingredients in unique ways and raise the bar on flavor so we can share it with as many people as we can. We always want to make things more interesting and vibrant. There are so many great ingredients out there and our job is to find the tastiest ways to bring them together. 

What Sonoma Gourmet products are available on Martie, and why?

We are very excited to partner with Martie to sell our award winning pasta sauces! We were accidentally sent non-organic onions to use in our sauces, and instead of letting them go to waste, we made two pasta sauces out of them and partnered with Martie to sell them. Martie to the rescue! 

Which Sonoma Gourmet item is your favorite? And what is your favorite recipe using this item?

All of them! But one our customers favorite is the Roasted Garlic pasta sauce. With some slow roasted garlic, some herbs, spices, and veggies, it’s all you need to put a delicious meal on the table in minutes. You just can’t go wrong! 

Here is a great recipe we love to share, Chicken Caprese Pasta:

What do expiration dates mean to Sonoma Gourmet? Are Sonoma Gourmet items still good past their best-by date?

Our best by date guarantees freshness to our consumers. We believe the ingredients will taste best if consumed by this date because they are at their peak. 

What’s in the pipeline next for Sonoma Gourmet?

Our chefs at Sonoma Gourmet are always working on new flavors and ideas.  Living and working in Sonoma, they gain inspiration from the world around them.  Great restaurants, great farmers markets and great farms that inspire us to go beyond ordinary pasta sauce.  Keep on the lookout because new flavors are always becoming available. 

Why is working with Martie and curbing food waste important to Sonoma Gourmet?

We are dedicated to sourcing from as many local grown ingredients as possible and today we recycle over 75% of the packaging materials used at our facility. We are passionate about reducing our impact on the planet, and by partnering with retailers like Martie, we are helping reduce food waste, and helping make good food available to more people.  

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