Beyond the Label with Julia Collins, founder of Moonshot Snacks

Join us as we go beyond the label with food brands that we love at Martie. Today, we chat with Julia Collins, founder and CEO of Moonshot Snacks. As a mission-driven brand, Moonshot's purpose is to create delicious, carbon neutral snacks that are good for you and the planet. How? Read below to find out!

Grab your Moonshot Snacks from Martie, and read on!

What is the motivation behind Moonshot Snacks? 

After giving birth to my first son, I went from being concerned about climate change to being absolutely obsessed with doing everything that I could to educate myself and take action. I have spent my career working in the food industry, so when I learned that a third of global GHG emissions come from land use and food systems, it seemed like the best place for me to start. I set out with the idea to create the first climate-friendly snack brand. I wanted to build snacks that were as good for our bodies as they were for our planet. 

As I continued researching the intersection of food systems and climate change I read about regenerative agriculture as a potential solution. Learning that this method of farming can help sequester carbon from the atmosphere and improve soil health led me to the idea of a climate-friendly snack brand make with regenerative ingredients - and thus Moonshot was born.

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Let’s talk “climate-friendly”? What’s the story here?  

Climate-friendly means considering the planet in every decision we make, from our ingredients all the way down to our packaging. At Moonshot, it’s our reason for being. 

The farmers  wheat to make our crackers, the majority of our supply chain is under 100-miles long and we use recyclable paperboard for our outer box made from recycled materials. What’s more, we measure all of the emissions that happen as a result of making, selling and consuming our crackers, and offset any emissions we aren’t able to avoid, such as shipping) to ensure we are carbon neutral.  

Moonshot was the first explicitly climate-friendly snack brand, but we certainly do not want to be the last. We aim to be a blueprint for other consumer brands, showing them what it means to be truly good for the planet. 


What’s the best way to eat Moonshot Snacks?

There’s so many ways to enjoy Moonshot, straight out of the box, with your favorite cheese or dip or sprinkled on top of a dish for extra crunch. Moonshot’s Sourdough Sea Salt topped with goat cheese and our Pesto Magic Sauce is one of our favorite snacks. You can check out the recipe for our pesto by downloading our Climatarian Cookbook here!

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What’s in the pipeline next for Moonshot Snacks?

We are in the process of developing a new cracker flavor that the whole team is really excited about! We are also in early stages of our next product line. Make sure to follow us on social media @moonshotsnacks to be the first to know!


What do expiration dates mean to Moonshot Snacks? Are Moonshot Snacks still good after their best by date?

We always want you to experience optimal deliciousness, so we put a “Best By” date on the bottom of every box. Eating the crackers by this date will help ensure the best flavor and texture! Once open, you can keep your products fresh by rolling up the bag of crackers tightly and securing it with a clip or rubber band. This keeps air away from the crackers, ensuring freshness for all your food adventures. 

Moonshot crackers are still good past the “Best By” date, that date just guarantees the best possible freshness and flavor of our crackers.

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Why is working with Martie important to Moonshot Snacks?

Tackling the climate crisis is our reason for existing and food waste contributes massively to the crisis. Each year, a third of food produced is lost or wasted globally - that’s unacceptable. Working with Martie help us avoid having our crackers go to waste, while bringing the goodness of our climate-friendly food movement to even more customers!

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