Beyond the Label with Joolies

Join us as we go beyond the label with food brands that we love at Martie. Today, we chat with the team behind Joolies, the organic medjool date company from Coachella, California! Livin' that Cali dream, Joolies dates and date products are delicious, healthy and sustainably produced. Did we mention delicious?

Grab your Joolies from Martie, and read on!

Joolies Dates!

What is the motivation behind Joolies

Joolies is changing the date-ing game! We celebrate the California superfruit by bringing medjool dates to the forefront of produce and offering a healthy on-the-go option for snackers everywhere. In a joint partnership between the Kohl Family Farm and Venice Brands, co-founders David Kohl and Greg Willsey are on a mission to share the nutritious goodness of medjool dates. At Joolies, we take pride in our organic roots and sustainable farming practices to support the environment and minimize both plastic use and waste. Located in Coachella Valley, California, our farm is single-origin, vertically integrated, and operates as a zero waste facility. From palm tree to package, sustainability never takes a back seat. We use paperboard material sourced from recycled paper products and upcycle our imperfect dates into value-added products. In addition, we are the only date grower that is certified USDA organic and glyphosate residue-free, which means no harmful chemical herbicides, pesticides, or fungicides in our products. By indulging in Joolies, consumers are supporting the environment and helping fight climate change too. We hope to represent a leading example for future generations and producers; one medjool at a time. 

Joolies Dates!

Let’s talk dates? What’s the story here?  

Dates are considered the oldest cultivated fruit in the world, dating back to as early as 5000 or 6000 BC. They originated in the Middle East, but have since been planted and grown in tropical regions all around the world including Africa, Southeast Asia, and India, along with California, Arizona, and Florida in the United States. Today, roughly 95% of medjool dates are grown in the Coachella Valley of California. Dates are rich in antioxidants, high in fiber, and provide an extensive list of essential vitamins and minerals. Medjool dates, also known as the king of dates, are a great source of energy and have a low glycemic index, meaning they’re less likely to significantly impact blood sugar levels. The medjool date is commonly compared to its sister varietal, the deglet. While a deglet is lighter and less sweet, medjools have a luscious texture and caramel taste. Today, dates are seen as an out-dated snack, and we’re here to bring vibrancy to the category, shaking things up and introducing dates to the new generations. 

Joolies Dates!

What’s the best way to eat Joolies products?

Well, that depends if you’re a sweet or savory type. For the dessert lover, our dates pair perfectly with a spoonful of nut butter and melted chocolate drizzled on top! For our savory folks, we love dates on a cheese and charcuterie platter, or in a dip with whipped goat cheese and bacon. 

Snickers Stuffed Dates

Snickers Stuffed Dates from Joolies, at


  • Joolies Dates
  • Peanut Butter
  • Peanuts
  • Dark Chocolate Chips
  • Coconut Oil


  • Fill each pitted date with peanut butter (1-1.5 tsp) and some crushed peanuts. 
  • In a small bowl add the chocolate chips and coconut oil, melt over the stove or microwave for 1 minute. Stir the mixture until it becomes smooth. 
  • Take each stuffed date and dunk 1/2 in the chocolate then sprinkle with more crushed peanuts and enjoy! 


Whipped Goat Cheese Dip with Bacon and Dates

Whipped Goat Cheese Dip with Bacon and Dates from Joolies, at


  • Joolies Dates
  • Goat Cheese
  • Greek Yogurt
  • Bacon
  • Honey
  • Olive Oil
  • Fresh Rosemary
  • Garlic & Onion
  • Vinegar
  • Salt & Pepper


  1. Grab a medium skillet and lay the bacon in one, even layer. Cook until crisp then remove from heat and transfer the cooked bacon to a plate lined with paper towels to drain. Note: keep bacon drippings in the skillet! 
  2. In a medium sized mixing bowl, combine goat cheese, greek yogurt, 2 tbsp honey, 1 tbsp olive oil, vinegar, pinch of salt and pepper. Using a hand mixer, mix until evenly combined and smooth (it should have a whipped consistency). Spoon into a shallow bowl and set aside. 
  3. Place the skillet with bacon drippings over medium heat and fry the fresh rosemary sprigs until crisp. Place on a lined plate with bacon to drain.
  4. Next, add the chopped onion and garlic to the skillet, cooking until tender. Stir in chopped dates and 1 tbsp of honey, cooking until sticky and caramelized. Remove from heat. 
  5. Spoon the date mixture over the whipped goat cheese, then crumble the bacon and crispy rosemary on top. Drizzle olive oil and cracked pepper for a finishing touch. 
  6. Serve with crostini, toasted bread or crackers for dipping! 

On our blog, we include a variety of date-able recipes, company news, and healthy lifestyle tips for our consumers to read up on! We also have a strong social media presence on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest @jooliesdates to promote consumption of our organic dates and raise awareness about our sustainability efforts. 

What’s in the pipeline next for Joolies?

We just launched our latest product, Jooliettes. Diced organic medjool dates panned in high-quality chocolate offer a fresh twist on a childhood classic. Jooliettes brings innovation to the chocolate-covered fruit category with a strong health focus. Made with only the best, organic ingredients, Jooliettes includes three different flavor combinations: Sea Salt Dark Chocolate, Blood Orange Dark Chocolate, and Matcha Dark Chocolate.

Be sure to follow us along on social @jooliesdates to receive up-dates on company news. We have a few new upcoming products in the works we can’t wait to share! 

What do expiration dates mean to Joolies? Are Joolies products still good after their best by date?

We are happy to share that our boxes of dates last up to 9 months in the pantry, 12 months in the refrigerator, and up to 2 years in the freezer. Our date syrup can be stored in the pantry or refrigerator, and it’s fresh for 12 months after opening!


Why is working with Martie important to Joolies?

Here at Joolies, we are an eco-conscious company at the core. Our partnership with Martie represents two communities coming together to continue spreading awareness about environmental responsibility and sustainability initiatives. We are so excited to work together to spark consumer interest and ignite change. 

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