Beyond the Label with Jash Mehta, CEO and Founder of Pop & Bottle

Join us as we go beyond the label with food brands that we love at Martie. Today, we chat with Jash Mehta, CEO and Founder of Pop & Bottle. Pop & Bottle is the instagram-favorite, canned latte brand. With no sugars, and no dairy, Pop & Bottle is taking over pantries and fridges thanks to its fun colors branding, and of course the incredible flavors! Taste what everyone is talking about! 

Grab your Pop & Bottle lattes from Martie, and read on!

Pop & Bottle Co-Founders

Blair Fletcher Hardy and Jash Mehta of Pop & Bottle


What is the motivation behind Pop & Bottle?

Back in 2015, Blair (co-founder Blair Fletcher Hardy) and I were both trying to eat a more plant-based diet and reduce our sugar intake. We loved going to different coffee shops and trying almond milk lattes around San Francisco. But soon we realized that we could make our own tastier, more wholesome versions at home. So we started blending cold brew, dates, and homemade almond milk with other flavorful ingredients we loved and voila, Pop & Bottle was born.

Which Pop & Bottle Oat Milk Latte is your favorite?

My favorite is always changing, I get on kicks of one latte or another. But a latte I’ll never tire of is our Classic cold brew latte - it satisfies my coffee need no matter what I’m craving.

Classic Pop & Bottle

What do expiration dates mean to Pop & Bottle? Are Pop & Bottle drinks still good after their “best by” date?

Our expiration dates provide consumers with a freshness & taste guarantee. But that doesn’t mean that the moment the expiration date passes the oat milk lattes are all-of-the-sudden spoiled. Rather, expiration is when we recommend folks consume by in order to enjoy P&B lattes at their peak taste!

 Pop & Bottle Matcha

What’s in the pipeline next for Pop & Bottle?

We have a really exciting new product launching at the end of July, our first coffee venture outside of the latte space. That’s about all I’ll say right now - but get ready to fall in love with another P&B drink! 

Why is working with Martie and curbing food waste important to Pop & Bottle?

Sustainability, sourcing, and reducing our footprint is threaded through the fabric of our small company in every way. And we love that partnering with retailers like Martie allows more people to try it at a reduced cost, while also working to reduce food waste. It’s a win-win-win!

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