Beyond the Label with Elizabeth & Abby Giannuzzi, co-founders of Siren Snacks

Join us as we go beyond the label with food brands that we love at Martie. Today, we chat with Elizabeth and Abby Giannuzzi, co-founders of Siren Snacks - the plant-based protein bite company, making delicious snacks that are great for you!

Grab your Siren Snacks at Martie, and read on!

Elizabeth & Abby Giannuzzi, co-founders of Siren Snacks

What is the motivation behind Siren Snacks? 

Siren Snacks was started by us, two sisters, Elizabeth and Abby, and was inspired by our shared desire for delicious, high protein, and plant-based snacks made with clean ingredients. For Abby, the motivation to clean up her diet without sacrifice came from her time as a competitive squash player - Abby was training for multiple hours a day and competing on the road. She needed something that was easy to travel with and could help fuel her performance but was frustrated with the existing bars and snacks on the market. For Elizabeth, the search for better snacks came after being diagnosed with an autoimmune condition and cleaning up her diet to help manage her condition. Elizabeth felt best on a plant-based diet, but similarly couldn’t find existing protein bars that met what she was looking for with high protein and simple ingredients. 

Siren Snacks

Tell us more about peas!

We use pea protein in our products because in our opinion it’s the most sustainable and environmentally friendly plant protein available. We’ve tested dozens of plant-based protein options, and also found that pea protein has the most neutral flavor and smoothest texture. Each bag of Siren is packed with 10 grams of plant-based protein, so it's both a delicious and also very satisfying snack. 

What’s the best way to enjoy Siren Snacks?

Siren Snacks are of course delicious straight out of the bag, but we also love to use them as toppings for oatmeal, smoothie bowls, yogurt, and even ice cream! You can also blend them into a smoothie to mix in some added protein and delicious flavor. 

Siren Snacks at Martie

What has been your biggest “a-ha” moment with launching Siren Snacks?

We started Siren because we didn’t understand why the mainstream protein bars were filled with such a long list of weird ingredients. As we set out to create our first line of products, we quickly realized that the ingredients and fillers in most conventional brands are used because they are cheap and easy to manufacture for shelf stability and consistency. We’re committed to putting in only simple, plant-based ingredients you can pronounce, even if it makes our sourcing and manufacturing much more difficult and expensive. All of our bites and products are still made in small batches by hand because we believe the final product is that much better when done in small batches with quality ingredients. 

We’ve also been shocked to learn how complex the food distribution system is - it's crazy because we never thought about where our food was made and how it got to the store shelf before we launched Siren. 

Siren Snacks

What’s in the pipeline next for Siren Snacks?

We’re working on a new line that is more indulgent but still made with low sugar and a good-for-you twist! Can’t wait to share more about it soon. 

What do best by dates mean to Siren Snacks? 

The best by date just means the products have their softest, doughiest texture when enjoyed by the best by date. They are perfectly good after that date too, so don’t worry if it's a few weeks best the date on the bag. 

Why is working with Martie important to Siren Snacks?

We love Martie’s mission to make healthy food affordable and accessible, while also reducing food waste. We’re excited to share Siren Snacks with the Martie customers and help support Martie’s amazing mission.

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