Beyond the Label with Ali Areson, Brand Director at Split Nutrition

Join us as we go beyond the label with food brands that we love at Martie. Today we chat with Ali Areson, Brand Director at Split Nutrition, the better way to PB&J! No really. These on-the-go PB&J packs make healthy snacking easy and fun for professional athletes, professional kiddos and professional (but kind of don't want to be) adults. 

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Beyond the Label with Split Nutrition

Martie: What’s the mission behind Split Nutrition? 

Ali: Split Nutrition is changing the way that the world eats PB&J on the go. Everyone already loves the nostalgic, comforting and satisfying taste of PB&J that they grew up with, so we innovated it by putting PB&J in a patented side-by-side pack to eat anytime, anywhere. This might be the part where you might say, “Wait, why hasn’t anyone done this before?” And that’s kind of how we got started! 
Ali Areson, Brand Director from Split Nutrition

Ali Areson, Brand Director for Split Nutrition

Martie: Can we peep beyond the label and learn more about the food, and how it’s made? (prompt to talk about ingredients, or anything food related)

Ali: We’re committed to making every pack Split Nutrition a snack that satisfies hunger with the best ingredients possible. It’s why we use as little ingredients as possible for the maximum nostalgic goodness. This ain’t your childhood PB&J - it’s the ingredients shine to make it taste better, and it’s way better for you! Nut butters are made with just nuts and organic palm oil (no unnecessary flavors or sweeteners). Every spread is made with real fruits, pectin and organic cane sugar. Our Dark Chocolate Spread only uses organic cocoa, coconut oil, avocado oil, sea salt and organic sugar. 

Split Nutrition

Martie: What’s the best way to enjoy Split Nutrition?

Ali: When we say you can enjoy Split Nutrition anytime, anywhere - we mean “whenever you’re hungry.” Seriously - anywhere! Here’s a few places and times our community loves to enjoy a Split. 

  • A quick, tasty snack between meetings. 
  • On a road trip. 
  • While you work at your desk.
  • With your morning coffee. 
  • As a pick-me-up while running errands. 
  • Grabbing one from your travel bag on the way to a new destination. 
  • For a late-night snack. 
  • Before, during or after you hit the gym. Athletes love some Split to power workouts. 

Split Nutrition

Martie: What has been your biggest “aha” moment when building Split Nutrition?

Ali: When a performance nutritionist (Dr. Phil Goglia - nutritionist to the actors of the Marvel universe, countless Olympians and more celebrities) and a chef with a passion for great ingredients (Jeff Mahin) set out to make Split, they first saw the health benefits of PB&J. Then, they stumbled upon the fact that nobody had ever made a PB&J pack that didn’t need to be refrigerated - and that tasty nostalgia and convenience are the values we could deliver to customers. 

Martie: What’s in the pipeline next for Split Nutrition?

Ali: We have so many flavor ideas, it’s hard to choose! Our latest drop was “Almond Butter & Dark Chocolate Spread” and “Peanut Butter & Dark Chocolate Spread” - a fan favorite that’s going to be hard to beat!
Split Nutrition

Martie: How did Split Nutrition end up on Martie?

Ali: We love Martie’s initiatives to stop food waste, and hoped that their growing community would gravitate towards a classic snack they already know and love while they shop!

Martie: Why is working with Martie important to Split Nutrition?

Ali:  Split Nutrition believes that everyone should have access to tasty, feel-good food - something Martie helps to enable with incredible, cost-effective prices. We also love being a part of an up-and-coming idea that has incredible potential…like Martie! We’re excited to be a part of what they’re building.

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