2021: It's a wrap!

It was a big year here at Martie...it was our first year! As we reflect back, we want to share our impact for 2021 and our outlook for 2022.

As we write this blog post, we have been live for 8 weeks. And while that is a fairly short time, we are proud of what we've been able to accomplish. None of which would have been possible without our incredible shoppers, brand partners and avid fans who believe in what we are doing.

29,657 lbs saved from going to landfill :earth_americas:

Together, we've saved 29,657 pounds from going to landfill. It is estimated that every pound of food thrown away results in 3.8 pounds of greenhouse gas emissions. So while 29,657 feels like a large number, it’s even greater when we understand that we’ve prevented 112,697 pounds in greenhouse gas emissions. 

That is 11,928 cans, bottles, packages, boxes and bags of food sent to homes all around California for 40-70% less. Saving food from going to waste, and saving you money is what we are all about.

1,375 lbs of food donated to ACCFB 🤝

We often get questioned about how we work with food banks, and we are very proud to work directly with the Alameda County Community Food Bank. The ACCFB is part of Feeding America and works with over 420 food pantries in Alameda County, and distributes enough food to feed 70,000 people daily. 

We are proud to continue our work with ACCFB in the year ahead and beyond. 

What's up next, 2022?

We are incredibly excited to enter the new year, bringing the Martie Promise to more people across the country. We can't wait to expand outside of California, coming soon!

We've also been working hard to bring Martie foods to more people here in California as well. We'll be accepting SNAP payments on our site in the new year, bringing our mission of making good food more accessible into the forefront.

More food! More brands! As we continue to grow, we'll bring more and more food items to our store. While our inventory is constantly rotating, we'd love to hear what food items you want to see. Send us an email hello@martie.com.

We'll continue to bring you transparency in everything we do. Thanks for being a part of it! 

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