Meet our MarTEAM

Louise Fritjofsson and Kari Morris

Compelled by the urgency of our collective food waste issue, female serial food and tech entrepreneurs, Louise Fritjofsson and Kari Morris, teamed up to provide a solution to the market.  

“We are solving a problem we ran into as founders ourselves. After collectively launching more than 5 food brands, the disconnect between the value of surplus inventory–stemming from package changes, seasonal products and change in orders–and available outlets, causes 30-40% of all foods produced to go to landfill” says co-founder, Louise Fritjofsson.

“This is a staggering 146 tons of food that can be saved, and it’s a problem so deeply integrated into the full food production cycle that it will not be solved in itself” continues co-founder, Kari Morris.

As mothers, Louise and Kari understand the importance of quality and healthy food products. Which is why Martie doesn't stock anything that we wouldn't feed to our own families.  

We also understand the value in stretching your dollars further, especially as food prices continue to increase, across the country. By offering incredible deals on great food items, we feel confident Martie can help make a difference in people's lives.

Join us as we make good food more accessible to everyone, and do our part to save the planet, one can of peas at a time.

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